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TechSupport Ghana

When we noticed the dearth of ICT skills in our catchment area, we liaised with our partners to organise fora for zealous young people to build relevant ICT skills in specific area. Partnering with IICD, BoldTech played support roles in forming, grooming and sustaining what is now known as TechSupport. Based on skills initially gotten from BoldTech, TechSupport has moved on to develop a School Management System co-owned by IICD and partners and is currently in use in some 30 basic and Second Cycle Schools in 25 districts in four regions of Ghana. Today scores of young enthusiastic people converge on a daily basis to learn ICT skills ranging from website designing through networking to how to entrepreneurship. They pay nothing for it and are paid nothing when they facilitate sessions. This is the realisation of the concept of Open Communities.

We are proud to have played the double role of midwives and husbands at the birth of TechSuport Ghana. The Microsoft supported job portal TizaaWorks is managed locally by TechSupport.