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Website Development

Owning a website is next to compulsory these days. Well, except if what you do must be kept in secret. With very attractive, flexible and still customisable packages we will co-design your website with you to meet exactly your needs. With a decade of experience in web site designing, the development team has made an unshakeable promise to have at least a complete prototype of your desired website ready in less than 5 days. BoldTech pays particular attention to the security of the websites we develop so although we can’t promise you immunity from attacks we can vouch for your website’s resilience to all known forms of cyber attacks. You can go to sleep once your website is designed by BoldTech.

Web packages

You have no existing website?

If you are making your first moves towards towards launching your corporate or individual website? BoldTech works closely with you to create a website. Our clients have typically had the final say on graphics, content, layout etc right from the moment we create the very first draft template. In essence we become your website co-designers and not just designers. After all, you own the site!

Your existing site needs upgrading?

Increasingly site owners are getting more aware of the necessity to own dynamic websites given all the associated flexibility – most websites till date are static websites. If you are not satisfied with your website, then you already are among the growing number of site owners that believes in staying ahead of the competition by leveraging the Internet.

Would you regard your website as a real online representation of your company? BoldTech Solutions can work with you to redesign your web presence in the way you deem fit. The key advantage in upgrading your site is to give you a fuller control over your site.

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Our main objective is to make your organisation much louder and visible on the heavily trafficked Internet. Many websites today are designed with the best of skill but with little Search Engine friendliness. Ours is to be a part of your team in making sure your organisation is best portrayed as it should. Consider the cost of advertising on other media for a week. This can easily outstrip your budget for hosting even for an entire year.